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Offers Galore

Offer of the Week : Sniper Special

Fusion Lance
Question: Which sniper rifle is better, The Particle Lance or The Vanquisher?
Answer: Neither!
Introducing The Fusion Lance and The Dark Vanquisher. On sale for a limited time!
The Dark Vanquisher:
The Dark Vanquisher is a step up from The Vanquisher with a much higher zoom factor! We’re giving everyone the chance to try it out.
- Special points only price! 1000 Points!
- Special permanent price
The Fusion Lance:
The Fusion Lance combines the elements of all the snipers put into one!
Available only over the weekend!
Offer ends on Monday, July 08

The 400k contest:

If our community manages to get 400,000 likes for the UberStrike Facebook page by the end of July, we will reward the entire community with a mystery item free for one day! This time you choose the mystery item via a poll!
Choose from our arsenal of new weapons such as FC+, Dark Vanquisher, Sabretooth and even other unreleased weapons!
Current Count : 361,668
Our facebook page:
Hurry! Do not miss out on this glorious opportunity!
Hint: Make your friends like our page. Go to other communities especially those related to FPS to promote our game!

Twitter Mission 2k:

If we reach 2000 twitter follows, 20 lucky followers will get a weapon of their choice for 7 days!
Current followers on UberStrike Twitter: 1,178
Follow us on Twitter now!
Hashtag: #uberstrike
Posted at 10:51 07/08/2011
Patriot Week

Patriot Week: Item Release

The Patriot week encourages players to represent their nation in UberStrike.
We have just released our range of patriot masks so you can play for your country in UberStrike! Show your patriotism, support your nation and compete with the players of other nations!
Patriots Week
We are releasing patriot items of the following countries:
-South Korea
- Germany
- France
- Philippines
- Malaysia
- European Union
- Turkey
More nations will be released based upon popular demand!

Gideons Patriot Contest

Kicking off more celebrations, we bring you the Gideons Patriot Contest.
Are you thirsty for some kills? Do you think you can slay others by the hundreds? Do you think you can become Gideons Patriot?
If all the above answers are positive then participate in Gideons Patriot Contest.
The player to get the max number of kills irrespective of the length, and game mode on Gideons Tower shall be crowned champion!
To participate click here.

Offer of the Week :

Offer of the Week

The Firewave:

The Firewave is a devastating new shotgun that we’re giving everyone the chance to try.
- Special points only price! 500 Points!
- Special Permanent Price

The Painhammer:

The Painhammer has become one of the most popular shotguns in UberStrike. From the narrow corridors of Gideons Tower to the close quarters combat of The Warehouse, its a weapon that fits in every loadout. The Painhammer is getting an update in the next release and will go back to being level locked, so grab it while you can!

New Servers :

We have put up 3 more servers in the Asia-Pacific region, Gargoyle, Valhalla and Midguard and Orakio in Tokyo, Japan.
Servers are live now! Check them out!
We are looking out to add more servers in other regions of the world.
Posted at 10:37 07/01/2011
Go Green!

Offer of the Week:

Shotgun Special


The Thunderbuss is the best shotgun in UberStrike. It is approved by Community Manager NEEL3D and he endorses it in-game. If he managed to pawn you its only because of this gun!
  • Level Lock has been reduced to 10
  • Special Permanent Price
  • 20% Discount on points and credits price!


The Snotgun is one of the most underrated gun in the game. Its powerful , efficient and its green! It goes well with the eco shirt!
  • Level Lock has been reduced to 1
  • Special Permanent Price
  • 100 points per day!

Environment Week:

CMUNE cares for the world we live in and, along with Climate Action, is taking steps to help save the environment. CMUNE will release the Eco-Shirt in UberStrike to support this cause.
The Eco-Shirt will be on sale until June 23 2011 in UberStrike. You can show your support for environmental causes by buying the shirt. For every Eco-Shirt you buy, CMUNE will donate 100% of the purchase price to help ‘Climate Action’ make the world a better, greener place to live.
The Eco-Shirt has an armor value of 40, which places it in the elite armor tier.
The Eco-Shirt will be sold for 300 credits a day in the Shop.
We at Cmune want to thank you all for your generosity.

New Servers:

Following the exponential increase in the number of players we have added 4 new servers in the USA and 2 servers in Europe! Guys please give a warm welcome to Hyperion, Barbarian,Ironfist,Ridgewalker,Gatekeeper and Equinox
Servers are live! Check them out.
Posted at 08:38 06/22/2011
Offers & Discounts

Arctic Rifle Special Offer:

Thursday June 9 saw The Arctic Rifle being released in the shop for a limited period 24 hours! Although this offer has ended The Arctic Rifle is still available in credit packs.
Keep looking out for more surprise offers!

Facebook 300,000 likes:

Thank you for helping us get to 300,000 likes super fast! For this noble effort we bring you an ‘Offer that you cannot resist’!
The SForce Ninja Elite suit is now available for points in the shop!
The SForce Ninja Elite suit:
1. NO level lock!
2. Discount on permanent price:
  • Ninja Body : From 8000 to 4000

  • Ninja Legs : From 8000 to 4000

  • Ninja Head: 3780 to 1890

  • Ninja Shoes: 2700 to 1350

  • Ninja Face (Mask): 2700 to 1350

  • Ninja Gloves: 2700 to 1350

  • Total Original Cost for a complete suit: 28960
    Discounted Price: 14480
    Also, the Mythic Edge (Melee Sword) is now available for 4000 permanent credits.
    So hurry up, waste no time in going ninja!
    *Note: Maximum purchase duration is 7 days for points price.Offer valid till Monday June 13

    Offer of the Week : Ordinator Rifle

    For this week’s offer of the week we have removed the level lock on The Ordinator Rifle and introduced a special point price of 200 points per day! The Ordinator Rifle is also available permanently at a special credit price!
    Offer is valid until Monday June 13.
    *Note: Max purchase limit for points is 7 days
    Posted at 10:49 06/10/2011
    Mac App Mania…….

    Mac App Trailer Contest

    This is your chance to bring out the best of ideas and make a video of UberStrike being launched on the Mac App Store.
    The grand prize for this contest is Two permanent weapons of the winners choice! (Eg: Dark Vanquisher, Force Cannon, etc) + Two complete permanent suits! (Eg: Pirate, Arctic Dreads etc). This is the biggest prize at stake ever!
    Contest Ends on June 10 so hurry up and submit your entries now!

    Gideons Elite Tournament

    Gideons Elite!
    The schedule and rules are out!
    We bring you the Gideon’s Elite Clan Tournament! Celebrating the arrival of the new “Team Elimination” game mode and the new map “Gideon’s Tower,” this tournament will be played on the new features! Fight to the end with your clan against all the other clans in 5 round elimination matches!
    Good luck in becoming the Gideon’s Elitest Clan!
    For details on the schedule and rules click here.

    Offer of the Week

    For this weeks offer of the week, we bring to you The Final Word at a points only price! Plus there is a special credits price to buy it permanently!
    The Final Word is now 900 points per day and 17900 Credits to buy it permanently!
    Max purchase duration is 7 days for daily points price.
    For a complete review of this weapon, click here.
    This offer is valid till Monday, 06 June 2011.
    Posted at 11:24 06/03/2011
    Keep counting….

    The 300k Contest Countdown:

    Current Count: 279,718

    If our community manages to get to 285,000 likes within the next 24 hours, we will award everyone with a free Julia Holo! (Look at the image for more deatils)
    If we reach 290,000 likes by the end of 29th May, everyone gets a complete Ninja Suite free!
    If we reach 300,000 likes by the end of this month, you all get a particle lance for free!
    Hurry! Do not miss out on this glorious opportunity!
    Hint: Post our like page ( wherever you can!

    Signature for Gabriel Winners:

    Congratulation to Ajuk for winning this contest, he’ll receive the exclusive and coveted Fusion lance for seven days.
    Then there are three players that came so close of winning that I decided to attribute them the Cap’n Bradford’s Jacket for seven days, have a look below for the full list:
  • Tireurdelits

  • tomh2092

  • Snow6003!

  • “But before announcing the winner I would like to reward all of you. Yes you read that correctly, you prevented me of exposing my terrible Photoshop skills on this forum and for this I’ll be thankful forever.

    ALL of you will receive the pack of 3 Spring Grenades for 7 days because there is nothing better than a good jump from time to time.”

    Posted at 10:35 05/26/2011
    Maps & More…

    New Bluebox Maps:

    Bluebox Level : Sky Garden
    Bluebox Maps are experimental maps that we’ve created and put in the game very quickly. They have very basic blue grid textures, no jump pads or ammo (yet) and are focused just on gameplay.We currently have two new bluebox maps Sky Garden and Fort Winter!
    We’ve done this because we’re investigating new ways to get content into the game quickly and leverage a large amount of play testers (i.e. you) to help us balance the gameplay in the earlier stages of development. This gives you more maps to play on and gives us more time to focus on the core issues that improve the gameplay.
    Eventually, we’ll be releasing a set of tools that will enable you all to build your own maps in the free version of Unity that you can submit to us.

    Sniper Showdown Winners:

    We are proud to announce that the International Justice League of Nubs (I.J.L.N.) team has won Sniper Showdown! Congratulations to Jack Bauer, michael42, Ejh16, and KiCkeRx!
    Each of the winning clan members will be rewarded with a Dark Vanquisher for 1 week!

    Signature for Gabriel Contest:

    Gabriel, our awesome admin needs a new signature. Unfortunately he does not have the time to make a new once since hes busy in making UberStrike awesome.
    We have decided to launch a signature contest to help him get a sig and make him happy!

    New Cmunity Articles:

    Armor Uncovered

    Interested in how Armour actually funtions? Want to know why people wearing armor are actually called armor noobs? Want to know how much armour actually influences the game?
    Read this article on how armor works to find out!
    - By KaranRaj

    Spring Grenades: Review and Strategy

    - By timewarp01

    Team Elimination – In-depth analysis

    - By Timewarp01, Daaron, Ejh16, Ultimus Maximus, Joe Everybody
    Posted at 09:52 05/19/2011
    New weapons available!



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